August Blogging Goals

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well! I decided I would start to write monthly "blogging goals" blogposts (that's a mouthful) as I really enjoy reading other people's goals and seeing how they achieve them! I also figured if... Continue Reading →

June Favourites

Hey Guys! Is it acceptable to post a monthly favourites 10 days into the next month? Well I'm going to anyway, There's no official rules here! I hope June was great month for you all! It's July already?! We'll soon... Continue Reading →

I’m a failure

This is unlike any post I've ever written before, it's going to be one of those "I need to get all my thoughts out" posts.  This post is going to be very brutal and honest but I hope it will... Continue Reading →

Liebster Awards – Get to know new bloggers

Hey guys! So the lovely Freya tagged me in a Liebster award - getting to know new bloggers! I hadn't heard of this before but I thought it was such a great idea for your readers to get to know you better... Continue Reading →

Believe you can | Sunday thoughts 

Hi guys, I hope you've had an amazing week! I'm currently on my way to University for my second term in my second year, and all week I've been thinking about the workload and stresses I'm going to endure in... Continue Reading →


Well 2016 is officially over. I can say that the year was the best of my life. I've decided to have a fresh start with my blogging, I used to own a blog on blogger with a different name but... Continue Reading →

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